Whether you are looking for a new system or upgrading an existing system, our suggestion is to carefully consider what you would like to achieve and then to talk to us.

No matter how much expertise you have, or don't have, I can be of assistance to you in assembling the system of your dreams!

A well-designed, carefully set up two-channel high audio system will recreate a remarkably lifelike musical experience. To those who love music, it will provide countless hours of pleasure.

When selecting a new stereo system, I would suggest that you start with the speakers. Speaker preference is highly individual. No speaker is perfect in all respects for all rooms, no matter how expensive or how good—and different speakers excel in different performance areas. By thinking about your priorities, you can choose the speaker that performs best in the areas most important to you. You might consider:

  • Tonal balance — how evenly the speakers reproduce the audible frequencies.
  • Resolution — how much musical detail the speaker reproduces.
  • Transparency — how much the speaker "disappears," or how lifelike the sound is. Also, the illusion that the instruments are right there in the room with you.
  • Sound staging — how the speaker presents the images of the instruments, including image width, image depth, image size, and image height.
  • Dynamics — how well the speaker plays loud passages appropriately loudly, and soft passages appropriately softly.
  • Efficiency — how much amplifier power the speakers need.